Testing Robot Structure Using Cardboard

After outsourcing for materials, usually one will start constructing the robotic project structure. In this article, production and construction techniques and methods are discussed.

When you have finally selected your materials, be it steel or aluminum or wood or plastic cardboard, you can start applying all your designs, sketched earlier. I would suggest you outline the relevant parts on a hard cardboard first. Then cut the cardboard to pieces that make your robot structure.

Test them out on these cardboard structures. If possible, use fasteners like nuts and bolts. Otherwise, using epoxy or any relevant adhesive solution will work. Construct them. Use scissors and tapes to get those individual cut out parts attached. Then make them as close as possible to the real structure (using materials you have found or bought). This is important so as to test out the design.

Chances are, there will be errors or defects. Then, take this chance to improve on a better design. Improvisation is the heart of any trade. I can only guide you towards building robots. Not tell you what to do in minute details. Teach a man how to catch a fish, and you will do him a favour in life, instead of giving him the fish.

See if there are any defects of geometrical constrains or errors. If your planning or design had been good, the structure should turn out fine. Otherwise, redesign or do a brain storm by searching on the Internet for design ideas. Take a look at other developed (products already in the market), especially.

Once you have a successful prototype made from these cardboard, then it is time to transfer it to the real materials you have purchased and outsourced with so much effort (and maybe money).

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