The Motorhome Classes Explained

In the past, recreational vehicles were small and contained only the most basic facilities. Now they have turned into true homes on wheels. At the same time, there is a great variety to pick from. There are models which can match any set of requirements and budget. Learn more about the main motorhome classes and what they have to offer. This will help you make a well-informed buying decision.

Class A

This is the luxury category among the motorhome classes. These recreational vehicles are quite long and wide as well. They are built on a specially designed heavy duty chassis. Often, commercial or truck chassis is used. They can be equipped with either a gasoline or diesel engine. They are typically designed for 4 to 8 people, but there are models which can accommodate as many as 10.

You will find a true home inside. There are separate rooms. The recreational area and the dining area are typically situated in the centre of the vehicle. They are connected to a fully equipped spacious kitchen. The bathroom is also fully equipped. Inside you will find a shower cabin and a vanity. The toilet can be separated with a door. There is a master bedroom plus a smaller bedroom. The ultra luxury models are equipped with special features like entertainment systems.

Class B

The representatives of this one of the motorhome classes have the same chassis as regular vans. Their cockpit has the same size and design as those of vans. They are the smallest of all recreational vehicles. They are suitable for 2 people, but 4 may be able to fit in as well.

Inside, you will find a small recreational area with a removable table, swivel seats and one or more fixed seats. The kitchen is small and consists of a fridge, cooker and sink plus a small countertop. Typically, there is not a bathroom, but a shower room and a toilet room next to each other. There is a bed which can be converted into a sofa and a dining table can be fitted in.

Class C

The recreational vehicles from this class have a van chassis or a specially designed chassis. The unique thing about them is that specially designed side-outs can be added to the main chassis structure. That way, you can have a fairly large home on wheels. The cab over the cockpit is their most distinctive feature. It makes an ideal place for placing a bed. In recent years, manufacturers have started making these vehicles packed with more and more comfortable facilities.

Overall, you can readily select between the different motorho

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